I listen to a grip of podcasts. Over a year ago I had this idea. What if I got with some of my artist homies and did one about art? I wanted a foundation of artists that were local, had a similar steez and brought different shit to the table. We could invite our friends and/or haters on to discuss the good , the bad and ugly of this hustle and grind.

I did mad research before I reached out to the homies Sket Uno, kaNo and Mr. Shane Jessup to see if they were down. They were. The first test was when we got together to discuss the basics like what our show name would be.  You can be friends with someone but until you work together on a project and have to discuss shit, you never know what you are going to get.

They all came over, we vibed immediately and shit just flowed. I’m all about being organized and being on point and I was extremely excited to find out they were about their biz as well.

Before last week I had never recorded, edited or organized a podcast. I love learning new shit so I had fun doing research and nerding out. (* side note I’m also doing another podcast called The Nerd Out coming soon)

Well kiddies today is the day we activate Ya’ Heard. Go to our site, take a listen and let me know what you think.

Oh yeah and tell a friend would ya.

Grassy Ass to Mi Osito, Shane (mr. must see tv), Sket (sket uno), Kano (made editing hard hahahh), Alchemist, Chadeo and all those that supported this idea since jump.